Zebra Republic Pre-Mint

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Welcome to the Most Unique NFT Project – Zebra Republic NFTs

A collect to earn NFT Lottery strategy where 888 Auto Giveaways hidden in the metadata of 888 out of 2,222 different NFTs.

There are 888 NFTs out of 2,222 total supply which will have a Giveaway enclosed that would be shown inside the opensea Properties section making an average possibility of 2.5 Giveaways out of 6 nos. of max Mint limit. Following is the Overview of the Project:

Supply: 2,222
Giveaways: 888
Pre-Mint Date & Time: 29 Jun, 2022 at 7am PST
Mint Price: 0.05 ETH
Doxxed Team: YES

Whitelists Open;
Giveaways List to be found on our Discord.

Source: NFT Evening