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Yield Universe is a one-of-a-kind galaxy owned by the planet owners. Launching on Ethereum soon, with NFTs to be sold on OpenSea, Yield Universe lets explorers journey into the hitherto unknown corners of space, re-imagined by the creative minds at Onessus.
5,555 generative planet NFTs, built using Unreal Engine, inhabit this universe. All have resources that can be farmed. But some have more resources than others.
A 3-Tiered Universe: 🌖🌎🪐
Terrestrial (Tier 1) planets are the most similar to Earth. While largely ill-resourced and mostly uninhabitable, they can be made to become great home planets in the right circumstances.
Gas Giant (Tier 1) planets are similarly low in resources, but for the imaginative can make great refueling centers.
Moons (Tier 2) can be used as space station outposts for the adventurous space travelers, helping the more ambitious expand their footprints and their empires.
Unknown (Tier 2) planets are, as their name implies, highly mysterious. While little is known about them, how they were formed, or what they are made of, they can be colonized by those who dare to venture into their orbits.
Suns (Tier 3) are rare in this galaxy, but blessed with bountiful energy that can help propel a galaxial empire to greatness, if that power can be harnessed.
Dark Stars (Tier 3) are extremely rare, extremely mysterious, and only for the most spirited space explorer. But for those willing to traverse the galaxy to reach them, the energy that can be exploited matches that of a Sun.
Evolved over billions of years, Yield Universe allows holders to form alliances to rule the galaxy, conquer others and earn, and level up their planetary assets.
Every planet, moon, and star is a one-of-a-kind NFT: no two celestial bodies are the same.
Yield Universe did not emerge by accident. There is a sweeping story behind its formation. More will be revealed later.
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