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Experimental and generative artist Yazid is dropping a new collection on Art Blocks! “Automatism” is is inspired by the practice of artists where they are given a writing implement and a blank surface. So they go freestyle, almost mindlessly filling up the space with whatever comes to their minds and out of their hands. In a way, it depicts where a machine’s mind and “hand” would wander if they had the same opportunity.

This project explores the age-old computer art phenomenon of inviting the viewer to participate in interpreting the visual output actively. The way “Sharp-E” draws the strokes is through a mix of various movements. It depicts irregular curves, straight lines, sudden changes in direction in a classic random walk algorithm while avoiding overlaps with previously drawn strokes.

Meanwhile, here are the controls that Yazid used to create this generative art piece:

  • ‘D’ toggles pausing/drawing or continues space-filling after the first stop (if available)
  • ‘R’ reassembles the piece (This automatically happens every minute)
  • ‘S’ saves the output

25% of proceeds above the resting price will go to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. The organization supports patients and families, caregivers, survivors, and Baitulmaal, Inc. The funds will go to life-saving, life-sustaining and life-enriching humanitarian aid to under-served populations.

Meet the Artist: Yazid

Yazid is a creative technologist. He found his way to NFTs from his work in technology R&D and corporate innovation coupled with years of moonlighting as a designer. If you are into minimalistic and abstract designs that still resemble physical objects or scenes, you will love his work. Hashed Cities is his most popular generative collection to date. In addition, it is one of the most iconic collections on the FxHash marketplace.

Hashed Cities #95 by Yazid. One iteration from Yazid’s most famous work.

The NFTs will be up on OpenSea. The Dutch auction will start at 1 ETH and lowers every 5 minutes to a resting price of 0.1 ETH. Then, it will follow these tiers: 1 -> 0.6 -> 0.4 -> 0.25 -> 0.15 -> 0.1. The initial sale will be on March 26 at 12:00 AM GMT+8.

Source: NFT Evening