Wealthy Aliens Listing

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Our Aliens come from a distant part of the Universe, planet KOA-198, a habitable planet similar to our Earth but low in resources. For thousands of years, due to the lack of resources on the planet, the Koans have been at the brink of financial resources, and to change that, many have left the planet in search of opportunities. Over the millennia, they have developed unique qualities in the Universe, becoming the best at networking, commerce, and opportunity discovery. Koans are a peaceful race and have never been involved in conflicts. They are very friendly, love luxury, enjoy life, and love opportunities. Our story begins on a space cruise, attended by the Koa Elite. Everyone is having fun, partying, networking, until the spaceship is shaken by a meteorite. The Koans flee to their rescue pods to launch themselves to the nearest planet: Earth. Only 6987 survive and manage to reach Earth, where people call them Wealthy Aliens, due to extravagant clothing and jewelry. Realizing that they are on a distant and primitive planet, the Koans have to find each other, network, and work together while rebuilding their fortunes.

Source: NFT Evening