WAGMI Baboons Drop

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WAGMI! Baboons is a collection of 10,000 pieces. The hand drawn WAGMI! Baboons will be recruited for a single purpose, and that is to aid its holder on their journey to success. Once a WAGMI! Baboon has achieved its mission, the baboon’s spirit shall return to the WAGMI! Woods.

Perks or benefits of owning a WAGMI! Baboon

– 120 ETH or multiple blue chip NFT will be given away to its holders through games, competitions, and lotteries through our discord and twitter.

– A further 230 ETH or multiple blue chip NFT shall be given to holders as the community develops.

– Purchasing Sandbox land for the Baboon community.

– Stake WAGMI! Baboons to generate $WAGMI token.

– FREE air drop of the 2nd NFT collection to be used for the WAGMI game.

– 1 WAGMI! World land allocation per Baboon.

– WAGMI! Baboon NFT will act as a pass for WAGMI! Events.

Join Discord early to get OG roles and whitelist.

Source: NFT Evening