ULAND – Mint Drop of Tier 2 Land Asset NFT’s

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Want to join a GameFi MetaVerse where you can buy NFT’s that earn you passive income?

ULAND is The First Virtual Land, Revenue-generating NFT Platform Built on the Real World! In ULAND you can buy virtual land such as USA, France, California, Tasmania, London, Rio De Janero… every location that exists in the Real World, exists in ULAND. 🌍

When you become a Land Holder, you generate passive income through transactions of our native $ULAND Token. Everytime our Token is bought, sold or transferred, YOU will get a percentage of that transaction! It literally pays to becoming Land Holder in ULAND.

It’s been 12 weeks since we opened to the public and all of our Tier 1 (Countries) Land Asset NFTs are Minted. 💯 We are at the 3rd wave of our Tier 2 (States/Regions/Provinces) Land Release.

It’s still early days and Land Holders have already made huge 💲💲💲 on their investments. You are buying the building blocks of our MetaVerse where our soon-to-be-announced PTE Game will take place, which will pave the way for more passive income, utility and future NFT’s. Hurry, because Mints only happen once at a low price!

Source: NFT Evening