The Simples 1111 Mint

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The Simples is a project created by Konrad Kirpluk over the last 10 years.

The Simples were present in games, as toys, and decorated store windows and products of the biggest brands in the world (like Nike!).

Now it’s time for them to live and adventure in the world of NFT and Metaverse!

After the warm reception of our Genesis and Holiday Special collections (both sold out!), it’s time for the generative one – on February 11!

This is the day when the mint of the first part of the generative collection starts. It will consist of 1111 NFT. The entire collection in turn will consist of 6666 NFT.

The Simples team is already working on 2 video games together with a Polish game studio.

But what exactly are The Simples?

The Simples are like children. Running around in all directions. Some of them are planning to go to a gallery and some want to be avatars all over the internet. Big pack of Simples wants to get to the real world. Some of them think to be very serious but really The Simples just want to have fun and discover new interesting stuff to do. As they don “t know what they “re doing most of the time, they can cause some trouble along the way. If They do, Simples always say “sorry” and then get better at it! And then go back to being silly.

Will you be joining The Simples family?

Source: NFT Evening