The Peacemakers Drop

The NFT Unicorn IMG_1095-scaled The Peacemakers Drop Upcoming NFT Drops

The main goal is to integrate the whole web3 environment through several collections.

The Peacemakers are your entry ticket to our universe. Your access to our next drops is granted and you’ll be able to claim unique tangible and non-tangible artwork. We will also provide you with an early access to new drops and informations before we make any official announcement.

We really are passionate about the web3 and the whole range of possibilities it brings to the table. The money is not our goal, we will make sure that every collection we display is sold at a reasonable, fair and affordable price while limitating the supply as well. For our first collection, we will donate 25% of the sales profits and 50% of our royalties to charities helping victims of war (we will never use any money to support or invest in the gun trade)

Source: NFT Evening