The MetaMoais Mint

The NFT Unicorn upcomingGIF The MetaMoais Mint Upcoming NFT Drops

The MetaMoais Mint – NFT Evening

The NFT Unicorn NFTevening2 The MetaMoais Mint Upcoming NFT Drops

Reality took a different turn and these unique looking Moai-Statues are now living in the Metaverse.
The MetaMoais are 10.000 unique and randomly generated 69×69 artworks made out of over 150 different attributes and traits. Each Moai has its own style, look and background. The MetaMoais are stored as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721) and will be stored there forever.
They are not only the perfect profile picture for your Twitter, Instagram or Discord account – they also enable every MetaMoai Holder to claim a free 3D metaverse-ready MetaMoai (10k for current holders, 10k for public sale; 0.1 ETH each). For more utility and infos check out our roadmap on discord/our website.
Are you ready to moon?


Source: NFT Evening