The Madame Curieator Club Pre-sale

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The Madame Curieator Club is a collection of 9,999 unique Doll NFTS- unique collectibles living on the Solana blockchain. Each MCC Doll is unique and generated from 444 possibly assets, such as outfits, accessories, body art, hair, expressions and more. Each doll also acts as a token with tons of utilities, perks and DAO rights. The Madame Curieator Club is dedicated to helping female artists get their start on the digital market place. Every quarter we will hold a competition to help kickstart the digital careers of three female artists. Owning a doll makes you an official Curieator and give you final voting rights to decide which artists make it into our Museums and Galleries.

The world of art is changing as our society begins its’ journey into the meta verse. Museums, curators, and the elite have decided who the great artists are for too long. The Madame Curieator Club is here to put that power in the hands of the general public. You are now the curators for the future of art. Every quarter, the Madame Curieator Club will hold a contest, letting its’ Doll owners and community members to decide on who will be the next big female artists of this new art movement.

Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and revolutionized a woman’s place in the once male world of science. Let’s face it, the metaverse, NFT markets, etc, are all male dominated. It’s not that we don’t like men, we just want to help women feel more comfortable about entering this new world. Our club’s main goal is to empower women and help them get their start in this ever changing NFT marketplace. Will you join us and find the Marie Curies of the digital art world?

Source: NFT Evening