The High Society Mint

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Hello my fellow Connoisseurs! 💨

We are more than happy to announce our Mint Date and Price, as well as details of what is exclusive to Holders, what access it provides you, and what’s received! 🚀

Our mission is always to bring something to your living room you can enjoy, share with your friends, and truly be part of what The High Society is. More than art, our mission is to bring Positive Vibes to you and those around you. Here in the real world, equally as in the MetaVerse. ❤️

Below are the details of what you’ll get and what each holder will be able to claim as we progress in our Roadmap. As well as what you will get access to. 🎉

Mint Price – .1 ETH
Mint Date – June 17th

Includes –
🔥3D NFT (Claim when Generated)
🔥1 Holder’s Box (Concept Below)
🔥Project Collaboration Whitelists and Giveaway’s
🔥Secret Utility Access
🔥Exclusive Access to Party Invitations
🔥Holder’s Role

Announcements for Mint details for Whitelist and General Sale will be made as we get closer to June 17th.

Source: NFT Evening