Surilanas NFT Drop

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Surilanas are a collection of 5,558 unique NFTs that will bring you extra benefits in our future open world game based on a play to earn model.

Each of our 11 attributes has a chance to be Common – Uncommon – Rare – Super Rare or LEGENDARY

Fur, Hat, Earrings, Eyes, Eye accessories, Face, Mouth, Tattoo, Clothes, Back, Background.

180+ different attributes makes over a Million possible outcomes!
These limited edition Surilanas will become UNIQUE COLLECTIBLES in our P2E game

In addition, Surilanas’s Holders (103% Club) will have,
– Private access to exclusive events, collaborations, giveaways.
– Special Box (Goodies), Limited for random holders.
– Airdrop for our future cryptocurrency.
– % of sales royalties redistributed
And lots of other surprises…

Source: NFT Evening