Streethers NFT Minting Competition

The NFT Unicorn FKDFzd-X0AEd7ro Streethers NFT Minting Competition Upcoming NFT Drops

🖼️ Streeth curates & mints Street Art masterpieces on the Ethereum blockchain.

💰 Backed by Shima Capital, Damo Labs, Metaverse Capital, IBC Group and numerous crypto founders, Streeth has a team of eight with 50+ years of combined experience, an Advisory Board of 9 globally renowned industry leaders and seasoned partners.

💎 Owning a Streether will grant its holder the following benefits:

-Automatic whitelisting for every drop we release, forever
-Free access to our VR-enabled Metaverse Museum
-Unlimited free plays for Spray-to-earn video game
-Exclusive Access to purchase our one-of merch drops
-Access to our DAO to vote on next Street Art drops
-Ability to stake your Streether & generate a reward
-Receiving an Unreal Engine/Metaverse ready 3d model
-Receiving airdrops of add-ons/power-ups for your NFT

👾 There are only 9900 3D avatars available for minting.
Minting will be available in tiers based on the competition leaderboard

Source: NFT Evening