Squirrelly Squirrels NFT Public Sale

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10,000 Squirrels out to rule the world

Unlock exclusive perks when you have your own Squirrelly Squirrel! We want you to join our Discord and get smart about NFTs + DeFi.

Don’t be a normal squirrel.

✨ Be a Squirrelly Squirrel ✨

10,000 programmatically generated Squirrels built utopia in the Squirrelverse. Each Squirrel is unique and 1 of over 450 billion possible combinations✨

Each Squirrel is a super cute key to a community of crypto enthusiasts sharing their love and knowledge of all things NFT and DeFi.

Squirrelly Squirrels are ERC-721 tokens hosted on IPFS and each one is randomly generated in an auditable, fair process.


Source: NFT Evening