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Don’t miss your one-way ticket to the Squirrelverse—population 10,000! Secure your spot on our whitelist to get your very own Squirrelly Squirrel. They’re a collection of NFTs that gives you access to exclusive events, communities, and ownership of unique artwork. Claim yours before spots fill up. Visit our website.

Q: How much do they cost?
Squirrelly Squirrels are sold in bundles, where each Squirrel decreases in price the larger you grow your scurry. You can buy 5, 3 or 1 Squirrel to add to your scurry.
5 Squirrels: 0.45 ETH
3 Squirrels: 0.39 ETH
1 Squirrel: 0.16 ETH

What makes your project different: We’re not your average squirrels, we’re Squirrely Squirrels. Our collection is made up of unique pieces of friendly counter-culture. Only 10,000 unique Squirrelly Squirrels will ever exist! We aim to bring together a community of individuals who push the boundaries of the metaverse and give a whole new meaning to their Squirrelly Squirrel.

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