Soletters NFT Drop

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Letters are cool, we use them every day to make words and words to make sentences.Why not fix the letters on the blockchain and build a community around a mixture of art and games?

Meet SOLETTERS — the world’s first NFT collection of letters on the blockchain!

SOLETTERS NFTs will be used in the decentralized, Play-To-Earn version of the WORDLE game!

Only SOLETTERS holders will be able to play this game!

9990 NFTs, 210 versions, 7 levels of rarity!

All NFTs are stored FOREVER on Arweave.

100% of royalties go to buy-out floor price!

20% of all sales volume goes to REWARDS POOL with daily tasks and special quests only for SOLETTERS holders!

Join discord and become part of digital art and collectibles history with us!

Source: NFT Evening