Solana Bear Gang Mint

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SBG is a collection of 888 pixel bears living in Solana Blockchain, we’re public minting on January 30th and the mint price only is 0.3 SOL!

Holding a bear grants you access to the gang and perks that will be unlocked over time.

The team behind SBG is focused on building a win-win ecosystem for every member that joins us on this journey, and this means that holders will be getting a real bang for their buck. If you think SBG is just a pixel bear, you’re dead wrong.

STAGE 1 In progress

• Prepare SBG art for mintage with candy machine ✓
• Open website and discord server ✓
• Build SBG Community 🔥
• Initiate Whitelisting and Promotions 🔥


• Open private mint for whitelisters and reward early supporters – January 28th, 10:00 PM GMT
• Open Public Mint – January 30th, 10:00 PM GMT


• Market integration by listing SBG on main secondary markets
• Activate Virtual Floor Pool mechanism (after public mint is sold out)


• Rarity ratings tools (push for and/or MoonRank inclusion)
• Analytic tools (push for Solanalysis and Solanafloor inclusion)
• Other tools (as required/requested)
• Prepare next collection with airdrops/gumdrops for SBG holders
• Continue to innovate in the ecosystem and reward original SBG holders

– What is the Virtual Floor Pool mechanism?
The SBG team will sweep any bear listed at 0.2 SOL or below every weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday), after Public Mint is sold out!

This virtual floor mechanism will be in place until it’s no longer required, any bears collected by the community wallet will either be burned, airdropped to holders and/or used to promote SBG ecosystem further.

This way SBG holders risk is greatly reduced and a raising price is incentivized with this recurring sweep. We still hate paperhanders, though.

Source: NFT Evening