SOL Cash Kingz Pre-sale

The NFT Unicorn 2022-01-12-17.09.46 SOL Cash Kingz Pre-sale Upcoming NFT Drops

SOL Cash Kingz is a collection of 9,999 unique NFT’s on the Solana blockchain that provide fractionalized digital casino fee ownership as well as regular royalty distributions from all secondary marketplace sales. The goal? Create passive income for OG minters and holders for life.

Launching in Q1 of 2022, the ‘Cash Kingz Casino’ is a digital casino containing a number of real gambling double-or-nothing games (using real $SOL) created by an experienced dev team with over 100M+ mobile downloads. Each game has an even 50/50 win/loss distribution, and 3% of every $SOL put into play is distributed to SOL Cash Kingz holders every 24 hours.

Additionally, 100% of secondary marketplace sale royalties will be distributed to OG minters and holders, forever, on a bi-weekly basis.

-70% of secondary marketplace sale royalties go to holders at the time of wallet snapshot.
-30% goes to OG minters in perpetuity regardless of whether they currently hold a SOL Cash King.

Last but not least, for every SOL Cash King you mint, you get one entry into our post-mint giveaway of a brand-new ’21 Lamborghini Huracán. Yes, for real.

Want your spot on our upcoming pre-sale whitelist? Join our official Discord server for instructions.

The private mint links and minting instructions will be posted in the server prior to launch.

– PRIVATE PRE-SALE MINT (G2): 1.5 $SOL (Jan., 29th 2022)

Check our official Discord for more details including our extensive roadmap, a showcase of the NFT’s, our budget breakdown and a comprehensive FAQ.

Source: NFT Evening