Skull Catz Drop

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A clean collection of 10,000 Skull Catz building a virtuous community that will transcend the internet into the real world.

The Art
The Community
To display them on Twitter 
To show them off to our friends
But let’s be honest…
We mostly buy them for the $$$$$!!!

The BEAR market is not so OK right now.
We want to help!


Let’s bring the SKULL CATZ to life!
Let’s trade and win together!
Because that is how we build a community.

Yah, we have one. 

But, we don’t wanna be like other projects.
Let’s flip the script, and do this backwards…

We don’t want your $$$$ first. 

How about….

You make the $$$$ first, and we deliver the roadmap after.

Now that sounds like a plan!

Source: NFT Evening