SillyCows Drop

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Our main goal is creating best-quality content and we proven ourselves with our first collection and now it’s time for next step, creating 2nd collection and developing our game.

SillyCows is collection of 666 NFTs with over 100 unique traits and each Cow will cost 0.015 ETH in presale and 0.02 ETH in public sale.

Same like for MadBulls, big part of our inital sale will go back to community – via charity, community giveaways, etc.. The rest of the funds will be used to expand our project, team & create NFT P2E game WildHerd.

What makes us different from other projects is our commitment to the project and the community. As well as the fact that despite the many difficulties we encountered, we did not give up and we don’t plan to. So join our story and enjoy.

Detailed roadmap can be found on our website & discord

Source: NFT Evening