SeaStone Mint

The NFT Unicorn SeaStone Mint Upcoming NFT Drops

Introducing the extremely limited Genesis SeaStone from Ocean Bandits – Limited to 1000 pieces. Minting on the Ethereum network on 8th February at 12pm EST.

Ocean Elders have passed stories of these mythical stones down from generation to generation.

The SeaStone is a high quality 3D art piece which will guarantee Presale access to the Ocean bandits main sale mint. No WL grinding for you as an early supporter!

You can even choose from 9 high quality colours at mint but there is a twist – we won’t reveal how many of each colour have been minted until after mint. Meaning the most popular colour may not be the rarest…

This SeaStone will also be used to power our gamified staking ecosystem and supercharge your staking rewards.
Our staking dashboard is powered by game theory and will keep you entertained with some risk/reward based mechanisms.
Who are the Ocean Bandits?
We are a passionate team of 8 who believe that NFTs can be used to power environmental and social change. The Ocean Bandits are the first Envirotech launchpad backed by NFTs and we are changing the NFT game.

Not to mention we have made a massive donation pledge to TeamSeas to help clean up ocean plastic!
Come join us to show the world the power of NFTs!
*The Ocean Bandits*

Source: NFT Evening