Scales NFT Drop #1

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We are giving it all away!
All 10k of Scales NFTs for FREE

This project is now about more than just paintings; it’s an art performance. A social experiment, playing with the idea of radical generosity & the gift economy in web3. Scales is a collection of 10k NFTS hand-painted by artist & activist Anna Judd.

These works are 1/1, created as IRL oil paintings, and then digitally enhanced. After Anna creates a painting, it’s divided into a grid of smaller works, which we call Scales.

A Scale is an individual work, wholly unique, yet an equal microcosm of a greater work. Scales paradoxically exist as both partial & full ownership of a complete artwork.

Scales is about more than collecting dope art. It’s also a game of connecting – like Monopoly combined with tic-tac-toe.

Collectors who obtain 4 scales in a row (across or down) in any painting are immediately admitted into the Royalty Club.

Every month, all Royalty Club members divvy up a pool of 5% royalties from all secondary sales (in $ETH).

Every set of four consecutive scales in your wallet entitles you to one share of the royalty pool.

There is no limit to the # of sets you can hold. However, every wallet address is limited to minting 2 free scales.

So if you want to be in the royalty club, you’ll have to be clever with a secondary market strategy to complete a set of 4.

Scales is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Scales will start minting on June 22, 2022, via our website.

Once per month, we drop 500-1000 NFTs for free to the community.

We will continue dropping this way until we have reached our final collection count of 10,000 Scales.

Minting a free Scale from our website is the 1st way to participate. To avoid bots, our mints are whitelist only.

To get on the whitelist, follow @scalesnft and @itsannajudd for opportunities to get in.

Source: NFT Evening