Rumblin’ Roosters Dropping

The NFT Unicorn IMG_7463 Rumblin' Roosters Dropping Upcoming NFT Drops

A collection of 10,000 Rumblin’ Roosters are getting to rumble in the metaverse! Each Rumblin’ Rooster NFT is unique and made up of over 180 possible traits. The roadmap includes a ton of giveaways, custom 1 of 1 sneakers, merch, an animated episode, and a play to earn game! Each Rumblin’ Rooster NFT is .05 ETH. Your Rumblin’ Rooster token doubles as your entry into the private underground fight club. The perks of the fight club include meet ups, all expenses paid vacations, live events, and much more. The animated episode will unlock “Rumble Juice”, the powerful potion that created the Rumblin’ Roosters, and will tell the story of the fight club. The Rumble Juice will allow holders to further enhance their roosters. The play to earn game will allow token holders to fight their Rumblin’ Roosters in the fight club and win real rewards as well as new skins, headgear, beaks, and much more for their specific token.

This is just season 1 of the fight club as we anticipate telling much more of the story including future NFT collections, in which holders will have early access to. The 180 different traits are comprised of different beaks, feathers, beaks, combs, headgear, and backgrounds. The traits range from common to super rare. We urge holders to hold onto their NFTs because of how much utility you have by holding one. Not only can holders receive great rewards and prizes, but they can earn ETH and cool new traits for their rooster. So, essentially even a holder with a common Rumblin’ Rooster NFT can eventually have a rare Rooster. A lot of our decisions down the line will be community driven, and flash giveaways will be done almost 2 times a month on average. Let’s get ready to rumble! Minting February 2nd, 2022.

Source: NFT Evening