RariLend Protocol – PILLS DAO Public Mint

The NFT Unicorn BLUE-RED-Listing RariLend Protocol - PILLS DAO Public Mint Upcoming NFT Drops

RariLend Protocol is building a Blue Chip NFT Marketplace with Lending/Borrowing, Staking, Yield incentives, Cashback and Profits sharing via the DAO.

Introducing the First IBNFTO (Initial Bonded NFT Offering) with 20,000 BLUE and 1,000 RED PILLS Utility & Governance NFTs used within a DeFi Protocol.

BLUE & RED PILLS contain discounted $RLP tokens (pre-sale), Staking Boosters and Governance Rights.
Follow the White Rabbits on Discord to join the DAO and for PILLS Airdrops & Giveways.

Source: NFT Evening