PixelBabyYoda Mint Date

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Uniquely made, cute, and collectible pixel-art Baby Yodas with proof of ownership exclusively stored on the Solana Blockchain. NFT game Phase 2. Not only is each NFT unique, but it will also be the center of the future PTE game. Your NFT opens the doors to unique opportunities!

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PixelBabyYoda is an NFT collection and future game built on the Solana blockchain – a part of the Play to Earn universe.

Our goal is first of all to benefit our community with an entire ecosystem of Gaming, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

We seek to deliver a high-quality gaming experience that also supports players playing against each other. In PBY (PixelBabyYoda), players will be able to stake their NFTs, receive the PBY token as a reward, and fight against each other in a PVP (player vs player) mode.

PixelBabyYoda will have an entire game where users can fight each other with lightsabers! Players will also be able to bet their own NFTs where the winner takes it all! Our main cryptocurrency behind PixelBabyYoda will be $PBY. This is a multi-governance token that will be allocated during private and public sales, with certain proportions set out for the core team, for staking rewards, and for the community treasury.

Source: NFT Evening