Owl Dudes | 2 Matic Minting

The NFT Unicorn owl-dudes-animation-2-800x800-1-1 Owl Dudes | 2 Matic Minting Upcoming NFT Drops

🦉 Owl Dudes, 10,000 unique and wise Owl Dudes are being minted on the Polygon blockchain and it’s owl good. There are nerds, zombies, pirates, punks, ninjas, and more – all in owl form. Start your own Owl Dudes family and relax in the roost with us. We’re here for creativity, community and collaboration. Who will you get? Hoo? Hoo? Hooooooo! Mint your own brand new Owl Dude on our website dapp or check out our minted Owl Dudes collection on the OpenSea.

Each colorful Owl Dude is one-of-a-kind and programmatically generated randomly from hundreds of traits, including their faces, head wear, clothing, backgrounds, and gear. All Owl Dudes are a hoot, but some are exceptionally rare. Owl Dudes are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain, a Layer-2 scaling solution with low gas fees on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The 1200×1200 PNG image and metadata files are hosted on IPFS.

🦉A percent of sales will be donated to the National Audubon Society.

🦉Join us! We are a family-run NFT project. 🙂

Source: NFT Evening