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Otaku Origins follows the journey of 5,000 individuals that got sucked into the OtakuVerse and received some special powers and weapons along the way. These Otakus must now learn to live a new life in this mysterious world with features, powers, and gear inspired by the most memorable protagonists and antagonists anime has to offer. Each Otaku is algorithmically generated from a random combination of over 200 beautifully drawn traits across 8 different categories that influence their rarity, power, and uniqueness.

Each character is a 1/1 digital collectible that doubles as your entrance ticket into the Otaku Indie DAO and the world we are creating. Using the characters we’ve designed, we will build out a full world: our very own OtakuVerse, driven by the community and managed by our very own DAO. The scope of this project is beyond just the NFT collectible and by owning an Otaku, you will have access to all of it. Holding an Otaku allows you to be directly involved in influencing the story for our future comic book series by voting at regular intervals on story details and plot points. As a member of the DAO, you will also be funding and supporting emerging indie authors and artists to publish their own comic series and to create additional storylines, immersive games, and experiences for the OtakuVerse. Every holder will receive special airdrops of NFTs from the creative process of the funded authors. Your decisions will have a direct impact on the growth of our project and this new form of content creation on a scale never before possible. How cool is that?!

This is just the beginning, and the future is bright; join us to make Otaku Origins the best anime-themed NFT project on any blockchain!

Supply: 5,000
Price: 0.6

Source: NFT Evening