Optimum Treasury NFT Collection

The NFT Unicorn 3black-hi-res2nd-768x432 Optimum Treasury NFT Collection Upcoming NFT Drops

Optimum Treasury NFT Collection – NFT Evening

The NFT Unicorn NFTevening2 Optimum Treasury NFT Collection Upcoming NFT Drops

Mint an Optimum Treasury NFT to start earning rewards in the form of OPT tokens. The OPT token gives guaranteed allocations with a 4 tier system in the fractional land auction sales via the Optimum Treasury website. There will be a free airdrop to all the initial NFT holders of this collection. Sale goes down 10/02/2022 – 12:00pm UTC

Optimum Treasury’s DAO assets are governed by the holders. The OTM token for use with Optimum Treasury DAO will be stakeable with starting at 90,000% apy. OPT token staking will start at 500% apy

Optimum Treasury DAO is a virtual land auction platform that gives everyone an opportunity to own prime assets in the metaverse and virtual space. We have integrated a DAO to this system by forking olympus and wonderland with modifications to suite our model .

OTM tokens will initially be airdropped to all NFT holders for free before the launch of the DAO staking process of this project.

The OPT token will be used for access to the virtual land sale auctions. To get allocations in ongoing auctions, users will need to stake OPT tokens
There will be a minimum 90 day stake laydown period, with a 1 week unstake order process. Users can unstake anytime with a 25% fee, 15% of this will go back to the stakers and 10% will be burned. This method is is in place and used to help tackle token volatility

NFT’s can be Staked to earn OPT token, extra rewards and voting power will be increased for all NFT holders.

There will be fractional land sale auctions and giveaways for all, with guaranteed reserved acquisitions for our NFT holders via lottery

Virtual assets that are acquired by the treasury will be held and 20% used for fractional auctions to our users.The project will be backed with USDC ETH and MATIC that will be held in the treasury. Funds will be hedged against virtual land assets for further reinforcement of the project and its future growth.

Source: NFT Evening