Octoplax Mint Opens

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Octoplax is a unique collection of 888 generative NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each octopus is unique, and the collection consists of 70 layers of handcrafted vectors filled with bold, vibrant, uplifting colours each partnered with a collective hobby item such as: a skateboard, basketball, plant, pint of beer and more…

Here at Octoplax we plan to under promise and over deliver.
Come join us on discord for our latest giveaways and to gain access to the whitelist.

Kick back and relax! Pick up a quirky profile pic. Peace!

White list opens: 26/03/22 – 28/03/22 (0.005 eth)
Presale opens & Reveal: 28/03/22 – 01/04/22 (0.008 eth)
Public sale: 01/04/22 (0.01 eth)

Source: NFT Evening