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We believe the NFT market is missing the biggest opportunity of our generation.

With a focus on selling collectibles at the expense of world-building, many teams have prioritised short-term gains over long-term value. Meanwhile, in traditional media, brands are creating expansive worlds, but the communities that support these empires rarely reap the rewards of their devotion. We plan to change this.

Dashka DAO is building a unique media studio that is owned by the community. By enabling voting on creative and strategic decisions, we will build a revolutionary new media universe you can direct. This universe is Noble Thieves.

Noble Thieves is a collection of 4,000 slum dwelling thieves on the Ethereum Blockchain.

This hybrid story-NFT follows the trials of a young Thief as he navigates a depraved society to learn the true price of his soul.

Each Thief grants voting rights in the world’s first Decentralized Media Studio, Dashka DAO. The NFT collection will be accompanied by the Architect’s Handbook, an interactive blueprint for the launch of the world’s first Decentralized Media Studio (DMS).

We are not the average NFT project. Our limited collection of 4,000 hand drawn Thieves is the gateway to an expansive media universe directed and owned by our community. Every Thief gets a vote in the first Decentralized Media Studio (DMS) that will create stories that define the metaverse.

Our development team is creating a Web3 gated portal to manage our DAO that will enable community voting on which creative projects we pursue, and how we approach them. Our artists are world-renowned graphic novelists, and have worked with VICE, the New York Times, and the Picasso Museum. Our doxxed team is led by experienced digital strategists and crypto enthusiasts. We have a 5-10 year vision for the NFT space and are building a brand that will stand the test of time.

The details of the launch are as follows:

Public Sale – February 2022
3,800 at 0.07 ETH

Join this band of Noble Thieves and direct the next great media franchise today.

Source: NFT Evening