Noah First Era

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Wired Frame is proud to announce his first NFT collection: Noah’s First Era.
1123 unique N0N Generative Animals: 56 Different Species and 3 Extinct Species, stored on the Solana blockchain.
All the NFTs are futuristic artworks based on the wireframe technique capable of extracting the digital skeleton of the viewer’s perceptions.

Our project is based on digital art of animals and our aim is to create a new experience of encyclopedia. We want to unlock the blockchain metadata in order to link relevant information of different species.
This is the Design of a New Futuristic Repository of the Animal Kingdom, exploiting the concept of the Digital Twin and the user experience provided by AI and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

The main objective is to become an Incubator of NFT Projects where all Holders can actively participate in the decision making process, can release their NFT Collections or Web3 Applications leveraging the capabilities and network of Wired Frame Community.

Source: NFT Evening