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Crypto Teens is the 1st play to learn x play to earn RPG video game project on the blockchain.

Our mission is to combine the dynamic entertainment behind gaming, the euphoric emotions from giving and the power that comes with learning to bridge the gap for millions of gamers.

We are releasing 1,500 Genesis NFT Summary Cards in partnership with Polygon Studios.
Each NFT card provides 9 head to toe wearable items for your avatar along with digital access to our metaverse, early access to our alpha + beta games and in game governance.

10% of mint revenue is donated to teach STEM to youth in third world countries

2% of all second market transactions are pooled inside of our charity treasury for climate change and renewable energy initiatives

Crypto Teens are cybernetically enhanced teenager freedom fighters chosen by the great chain to defeat the ancients, complete the challenge blocks and bring in the new decentralized future world.

Do you have what it takes to join the fight for a better world? Mint your NFT card and become a true Crypto Teen pioneer!

Source: NFT Evening