MetaSphere NFT Launch Day

The NFT Unicorn green-scaled MetaSphere NFT Launch Day Upcoming NFT Drops

3D collection of 6666 Cyborgs on Ethereum with P2E game and Metaverse!

Metasphere has several unique features. 1. Play-to-earn game 2. Metaverse 3. Private community

What is the supply?

6666 3D NFTs with 1000+ whitelist spots and 3000 NFTs reserved for presale.

How much are NFTs going to cost?
Team is keen to avoid gas wars. That’s why they use EIP1155, so the gas price will only be around $35-40. The approximate NFT price will be 0.1 ETH.

What is your utility?
Team is preparing several parts of Metasphere.

1. Play-to-earn game
Team is already working on an upcoming game that every NFT owner will have access to. MetaSphere own token will be airdropped to NFT holders. Token will be used in game, as well as stacking, farming, a marketplace of game items and many other things. Tokenomics and litepaper will be posted before minting start.

2. Metaverse
Team is ready for Metaverse! Metasphere will be extented to Sandbox or Blocktopia, where a field will be bought once the project is sold out. The field will be virtual base where community can meet and hold events for all Metas!

3. Private community
Metasphere Club is a private community of NFT investors. Crazy NFT alpha leaks, community events, and MetasphereDAO are waiting for you! More details here:

What’s NFT distribution?

96% of NFTs are allocated for presale and public sales. 4% – for giveaways/contests and collaborations. No team NFTs.

What are your marketing plans?

– Target ads (Instagram/Twitter)
– Email marketing
– Collabs with quality Discords
– Collabs with influencers (collabs with whale communities as well)
– Team is working with a marketing agency to reach 30.000 members in January

Source: NFT Evening