Metajuana Cannabis Society AMA

The NFT Unicorn 20220121_001737-4 Metajuana Cannabis Society AMA Upcoming NFT Drops

Phase 1 – The Mint

1_ 4,420 metajuana seeds will be sown into the Solana Blockchain on Feb 4, 20h est
2_ Our necessity of life $WATR token will begin to be airdropped to wallets
3_ 40% of mint into MCS wallet for re-injection and further phases

Phase 2 – Plant Our Feet

1_ DAO will be created
2_ Metaverse land will be purchased using the MCS wallet in coherence with the DAO
3_ The MMD – Metajuana Metaverse Dispensary will open its doors
4_ $WATR to be used for Metajuana merchandise, plant showcasing, direct e-commerce integration from meta-dispensary to your home, create merch for your own strain, plant trading, reserved giveaways/discounts on your favourite NFTs +Phase 3 – The Big Push

Phase 3 – The Big Push

1_ Global image and branding development in the cannabis space
2_ Metajuana to be the official digital meta of Cannabis
3_ – 50% of MMD sales and proceeds directly put back into MCS wallet
– 5% will go to the team
– 20% will be put back into the wallets of 3D holders
– 25% will be used to develop phase 4
Phase 4 – Oh thats tasty, M.O.M

Phase 4 – Oh That’s Tasty, M.O.M
full legalities will be met before proceeding with this phase

1_ We will open the Budfather’s M.O.M
2_ The 8 main category strains will have individual “profit pools” with live-time sales tracking
3_ 25% of Profit pools distributed to holders of the main category 3D plants monthly
4_ 50% discount off of the profit difference for your main category 3D strains’ bud
Phase 5 – Brick and Mortar

Phase 5 – Brick and Mortar
full legalities will be met before proceeding with this phase

1_ Metajuana Metaverse Dispensary opens its first Brick and Mortar Location
2_ Sales of Brick and mortar store follow royalty structure consistent with 3D plant holders
3_ USA/Europe first location. Must meet full legalities of destination
4_ Offer franchising opportunities to 3D plant holders

Source: NFT Evening