Meta Wolves Club Drop

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A private exclusive club where 10000 Wolves will have unique privileges in the Metaverse, participate as early investors in seed Private sale, Receive Airdrops and be invited to Online & Live Events organized around the world by the MWC Team and many more…!
If you are into the crypto space, don’t miss this one lifetime opportunity,
don’t be a sheep, join the MWC pack!!!

MWC provides a limited NFTs that will give to their owners exclusive access to our Membership Wolf Pack Landing Page where you will have access to unique features reserved only to our members and with the minting part get also the opportunity to win prestigious prices.

MWC NFTs are exclusive Wolves that will grant to their owners the access to all MWC benefits. We have all seen projects like BoredApeYachtClub having a huge success in the NFTs industry and if you have missed that boat, MWC Team is here to give you another chance to be part of a successful project projected in the Metaverse and VR trend that will be known worldwide in a blink of an eye!

MWC members will experience a real value reflected into their NFTs. They will be able to trade them on the OpenSea marketplace or hold them and take advantage from the huge benefits. The Marketing Team is already building up a system that will keep MWC NFTs floor price organically and systematically grow by time and let our members to see a value of their Wolves grow exponentially. If the above is not still clear enough, we will give you another brief idea of what we mean by being part of an Exclusive Club!

Supply: 10.000

Mint price (Private sale – Whitelisted wallet): 0,1 ETH – 22/01/2022
Mint price (Public sale – Open to everyone): 0,15 ETH 29/01/2022

Source: NFT Evening