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Meta Earth Service are the first multi chain p2e game hosting blockchain battles, starting with Ethereum
vs Solana.
We are the first multi chain play to earn decentralised application built on Ethereum and Solana,
providing users opportunities through utilisation of MES NFTs, veteran project launchpad and the MES
token ($MEST).


MES is a multi-chain, community focused DAPP with a playable P2E desktop game. The MES
community will focus on supporting veterans who have served their respective countries. Support can
occur through the launchpad, social channel, community events, or through competitive teamplay on the
MES P2E game.


MES has been created with charitability in mind. MES aims to support veterans; through native
community launchpad. The launchpad will allow for those who have served, to raise funds for business
ventures, or help projects such as prosthetics, therapy etc. Users can decide on which veteran proposals
to fund through the MES DAO, voting with $MES T tokens. Through the power of community, MES can
create positive change for those who have served for their countries

The incoming Web 3 age provides the platform for all individuals and teams to succeed, regardless of
one’s previous experiences and background. MES aims to be at the forefront of this new age. The MES
launchpad is designed to encourage veterans to create blockchain/ cryptocurrency focused
organisations and projects, providing potential investment opportunities to the MES community.
Furthermore, veterans can list charitable projects e. g., veteran rehoming, allowing the community to
donate to charitable causes.


Through creation of the MES DAO, the project will become entirely community governed. Community
members can make and vote for project proposals on the DAO. Furthermore, the MES DAO will
determine which projects are approved for launchpad listing. Voting for projects with the MES
governance token $MEST. For governance participation users are required to partake in ‘Lock and Load’.
Each token locked is one DAO vote.

Lock and Load

For DAO participation users are required to lock $MEST tokens. Upon locking tokens, users can
participate in the MES DAO. Each token locked provides users with a single DAO vote. Upon locking,
there is a 14-day withdrawal period. This set withdrawal period is to ensure DAO stability and prevent
governance manipulation.


The MES NFT collection will be a set of 8,888 generative 3D NFTs on multiple blockchains. NFTs will be
on the following blockchains:
• 4,444 MES NFT allocation
• 4,444 MES NFT allocation
NFTs are on different blockchains due to the nature of the MES game. With ownership of MES NFTs,
users will receive the following benefits:

Ability to play as the following factions (dependent on NFT purchased)
• Solos
• Ethos
Ability to play as the following force (dependent on NFT purchased)
• Airforce
• Navy
• Army

Meta Earth Service – Premium Pass

By owning the MES – Premium Pass you’ll gain access to the 3v3 Play 2 Earn game mode for Meta
Warfare. This mode is also available for any MES ‘Genesis’ NFT holders; however, the additional benefit
is that the MES – Premium Pass will allow you to rent out your pass to other players who may not own a
MES ‘Genesis’ NFT but want to earn playing the 3v3 mode. In turn providing a split of all tokens earnt
while playing with the rented pass.

$MEST Airdrops

• Airdrops of $MEST tokens to the user’s wallet.
• Airdrop amounts are dependent on rank of military personnel in NFT.
• Automatic launchpad whitelist.
• All NFT holders will be able to deposit capital to projects on the MES launchpad.

Winners drop
• Monthly airdrop of $MEST tokens to the faction with the most wins.


The MES NFTs presents an image of an imposing, three dimensional military personnel with varying
ranks, rotating in front of a range of digital backgrounds. Aiming to recreate classical video-game artwork
of the mid-late 2000’s, the image creates the same formal-rigidity of military personnel in real life, thus
transporting the viewer to the centre of a fictional war scenario.
Road map

• Premium Pass – Free Mint
• MES NFT Whitelist open
• Whitepaper Release
• MES NFT Minting Live
• Public $MEST IDO Sale Begins
• Lock and Load Beta Phase (Staking)
• Airdrop NFT Giveaways
• Coingecko Listing
• CoinmarketCap Listing
• Lock and Load Public Launch (Staking)
• $MES Token Wrapping

• DAO Release
• Official $MEST Liquidity DEX Pools
• Listing on Centralised Exchanges
• Project Audit
• Official $MEST Farms Release 3
• Veteran Launchpad Release
• Meta Warfare ‘Private Beta’ Release
• IRL Community Meetups
• Meta Warfare ‘Public Beta’ Release MES Roadmap 4
• Meta Warfare ‘Full Release’
• Roadmap Targets set by DAO

Source: NFT Evening