Mellow Cats Drop

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Mellow Cats are a collection of 9,999 unique NFT’s that reside on the Ethereum blockchain.
Mellow Cat #9,999-19,998

This collection is an expansion project and is no way affiliated with Cool Cats.

With derivative and expansion projects being all the rage in the NFT space, the team at Mellow Cats wanted to create a collection that pays tribute to the originals in a way that is completely polished, entirely distinguishable, and does nothing but justice in honoring the feline force that is Cool Cats.

Come and join us on a fun filled adventure into the Mellowverse!
Become a part of a collection that is not only unique, improved, and distinct from the original but one that truly embodies the quality and thorough exploration required to hold the title of an authentic expansion project in the NFT space.

Source: NFT Evening