Lipsweater Genesis Minting

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Lipsweater is building a NFT community that lets hockey members rally together, get their voices heard, and reap upsides as owners. If successful, the Lipsweater NFT will act as the digital passport to the hockey metaverse.

Concretely, each NFT serves two functions. First, it consists of a digital 3-D asset that will be used in augmented reality and virtual reality settings that Lipsweater will help create. Second, the NFT provides an access-pass to a variety of online and offline experiences. Among other future offerings, Lipsweater’s members will join a global fantasy hockey pool, participate in a real-life beer league tournament, and manage a pro minor league hockey team — using a DAO to give input on key decisions, from scouting new players to merchandise design and fundraising. Each of these activities contributes to a new form of community-building whereby bottom-up, fan-led initiatives shape the future of the sport.

Source: NFT Evening