Launching Kinkify Girl NFT

The NFT Unicorn nft-calendar-custom-chicka-1 Launching Kinkify Girl NFT Upcoming NFT Drops

Kinkify is a unique adult-focused NFT marketplace that joins everyone in a strong community and aims to combine two significantly growing multi-billion-dollar markets. Kinkify Girl NFTs were created as the first NFT collection to raise the funds for the Kinkify platform. We aimed to create something that would visually represent our platform and would be utilizable in the future. Our 1st GEN NFT collection is going to be available for staking to earn some passive income from the profit pool of the business. In the later development stages, Kinkify Girl NFT is going to be used as a VIP ticket to our Metaverse Bordello Lounge.

We are announcing a 12-day NFT giveaway which will last up to the Valentines Day. It includes games, fun tasks, and the possibility for members to express themselves creatively in our Discord server. Starting from today, we are going to giveaway 1 Kinkify Girl NFT per day to the member who performed best within the last 24 hours in the given activity. Invite some friends, sisters, boyfriends of your girlfriend, husbands, wives, dads, and moms to the community because it’s definitely going to be worth it. ❤

2nd Presale: 12th of February

Price: 150 Matic

Public Sale: 14th of February

Price: 180 Matic

Source: NFT Evening