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Welcome to Kryptoria, an NFT project like no other.

Kryptoria is the most immersive, most rewarding NFT game ever built. A massive multiplayer online game, it tells the story of a sci-fi-inspired parallel universe, built by the people of Web3 after breaking free from the broken ruins of the Web2 world. On top of deep lore providing constant shared experiences for holders, it will have:

➡️Outstanding art – customise your online identity with a dynamically updated NFT
➡️Immersive game mechanics, where holders can build their empires, trade resources and battle with other players
➡️A world built in Unity, the engine that powers 50% of the world’s games
➡️New trait collections dropping, coming from collabs with NFT projects and Web2 brands alike

Kryptoria is the first project from Addlandia Labs, a UK-based venture studios. It will help propel us all to a future of Web3 mass adoption by helping Web2 businesses transition to Web3, and incubating new Web3 brands. The value this creates will flow back to NFT holders, in the form of an ERC-20 native token – one that holds real value, rather than yielding endlessly with no end goal.

Built by a fully doxxed team and backed by a VC, we take the fundamental principles of Web3. Add innovation and creativity. And deliver tangible, long-term engagement to holders. Kryptoria is here to stay, and delivering long-term value to holders is our North Star.

10,000 Alpha Citizen NFTs, minting August 2022 on Ethereum.

Are you ready to fight for the future of Web3? Join our ranks and become part of the story of Kryptoria.

Source: NFT Evening