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Want to be the First? Giving Away the First-Ever Kombat Kiwi NFT to an Early Supporter!

Our Whitelist is Live!! Join our Discord today to get Whitelisted!

Since Auzztralia fell to the emus, the kiwis knew it would only be a matter of time before they were forced into conflict. To defend their island home, they will battle on the beaches, on the landing grounds, the fields, the streets, and the hills. Recruit these brave troops into your wallet and prepare them for the fight of their lives. Never give up, never surrender.



We have a place for you!

Sure, joining the fightback against the Emu menace comes with a great sense of patriotic pride and glorious purpose, but what else?

The perks of minting your own Kombat Kiwis include:

Access to the kiwi discord community channels.

Voting rights – Community polls will determine the direction we take as we forge onwards!

Exclusive discounts on Kombat Kiwi merch.

Free download of the Kombat kiwis font.

Free download of the Kombat Kiwis theme tune.

Entry to NFT and ETH giveaways.

Access to the exclusive whitelist for future Kombat Kiwis NFT drops.


As well as all the immediate perks Kiwi holders receive, they will also be an active part of our glorious future!

Current considerations include:

Investing in the Metaverse & developing a Community space, releasing a Kombat Kiwis board game, developing various video games, working on VR versions of all games, and producing a webcomic series.

• 25%: 10 Kombat Kiwis giveaway, 1 ETH to a random Kombat Kiwi holder!

• 50%: We will be donating $30,000 to Save the Kiwi Charity (New Zealand) – Help us bring the Kiwi back from the Brink!

• 75%: We will be launching our Kombat Kiwis merch online store. 100% of the sales will go directly to the community wallet. Plus, Special Discounts to Kombat Kiwi Holders.

• 100%: All Kiwi holders will get exclusive pre-sale access to the next NFT collection + 10ETH will be distributed amongst 10 random Kiwi holders who have achieved Captain rank on Discord.

The war effort will be expanding! With your support, victory over the emu threat is inevitable!

Source: NFT Evening