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3D animator Jonathan Nash is gearing up for his first big NFT drop. Through the “Playing the Market” NFT collection, Nash expands his miniature spaceman universe. He is introducing a range of new, colorful space-people engaging in web3 degen behavior — though with their unique style.

The four animations featured in the collection inaugurate eight new characters. In addition, the pieces represent a unique moment in history when artists and technologists alike can hardly go a day without invoking the web3-as-wild-west metaphor.

The narrative of the animations revolves around brightly colored characters who mint, hold and pump NFTs. Then, they vacillate between fear and greed. So in a way, it’s a commentary on the actual behavior of NFT collectors. Nash argues that the presence of a shadowy hand hint at the dark truth of an unseen mover behind all this market mania.

Meet the Artist: Jonathan Nash and his NFT Journey

Jonathan Nash is a UK-based animator whose art focuses on 3D animations of miniature worlds and characters. Since selling his first NFT for 1 ETH in February 2021, Jonathan has seen an ever-increasing demand for his work, culminating in sales topping $195,000 for individual one-of-one pieces and instant sellouts on larger editions.

“Playing the Market” NFT collection will go live on MakersPlace on April 7th.

Source: NFT Evening