Inverted Cyber Punks 3045

The NFT Unicorn thumbnail_34 Inverted Cyber Punks 3045 Upcoming NFT Drops

Supply: 3,045 Inverted Cyber Punk NFT’s 

  • Pre-Sale starts September 5th 18:00 UTC Time @ 0.020 ETH
  • Public Sale starts September 6th 18:00 UTC Time

After finishing Public Sale:

  • We will reveal our staking platform with daily pay outs
  • Proceed with the 2nd step for our P2E game
  • Initiate DAO for our community.

Background story:

Year 3045. After wars, epidemics and genetic mutations, the inhabitants of the Earth no longer remember what they were 1000 years ago. Cyber Tech allows to create ar body at will or live in a digital world without one.

A group of digital archaeologists have unearthed ancient images that are at least 1000 years old. The inscription reads: ” NF….to..punk.”

Now we know what ancient people looked like!

The chosen ones began to create their own bodies in the image of these ancient JPEGs & call themselves Inverted Cyber Punks. Believing they’re able to win the 3rd Cyber War and bring back the golden age of humanity