Indigenous Polygons Drop

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Indigenous Polygons are native creatures who exist deep inside the Polygon blockchain. Become a part of their tribes as they continue to expand through a metaverse!


“Inside the prosperous blockchain on a tiny island named Motu Tioata live little creatures called Indigenous Polygons. They have been there for thousands of years and survived through the toughest of times. Their only enemy – Matautia, hides in the deep caves of the underworld. The battle between those two native rivals has been on for many decades. Choose your tribe and help the Polygons defeat their enemies once and for all!”


Indigenous Polygons is an NFT collection of 8,888 uniquely generated creatures. Each polygon has its hand-drawn traits. Owning an Indigenous Polygons NFT allows you to be a part of our growing community. This NFT character also gives you access to our final product – the Indigenous Polygons game!

Our goal is to give people ownership of their digital characters and bring NFTs closer to mass adoption through practical applications. The entire collection will be available to the public on June the 24th. Our NFTs will list on the OpenSea platform.

Source: NFT Evening