FunGuys Club Presale Minting

The NFT Unicorn FunGuys Club Presale Minting Upcoming NFT Drops

Welcome FunGuys and FunGals! FunGuys Club is a collection of 9696 mushroom NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. Mint and trade on this eco-friendly network and benefit from extremely low gas fees. These mushrooms are generated from over 60 different hand drawn traits with over one million possible combination, so no two are exactly alike! We value community and positive interaction so our goal is to create a network of individuals rooted in helping each other thrive and grow.

Pre-Launch Giveaways

We will be giving away free NFTs every few day up until we launch. Our pre-launch giveaways are hosted on our Twitter page only. After minting we will do combinations of giveaways on both Twitter and Discord. There is no limit to how many different giveaways you can enter! Join our Twitter and Discord to never miss an event!


Presale minting will begin on January 29th at 9:09 AM Hawaii Standard Time for a low price of only 17 MATIC.
Full public mint will begin on January 30th at 9:09 AM Hawaii Standard time for a still low price of only 25 MATIC.
FunGuys can be minted at our website. Be sure your wallet is connected to the Polygon Mainnet on order to interact with our minting DAPP. The mint will be in MATIC tokens, however trading will be available after on Opensea using ETH.


NFTs will appear on Opensea after minting with a hidden mystery image.
Full images and metadata will be revealed on February 1st.

Future Plans

We want this project to be a thriving community that benefits everybody. We have big plans for the future including members only giveaways, merch store, Easter egg hunt and charity auctions. We also have plans further down the road for game and metaverse experience development!

We hope to see all you FunGuys and FunGals soon!

Source: NFT Evening