Fully Customizable DeadTown Zombies

Eyes, teeth, hair, hats and more all get chosen during the minting process BY YOU.
They may be Zombies but they’re YOUR Zombies. From freshly bitten to barely there, you choose the look of your Zombies. Accessorize with glasses, hats and fun surprises. Your choices create your character.

The makeup of the collection will be determined by those that mint Avatars during the release.
Each element you choose for your Avatar has a property and trait associated with it. Some attributes have a limited supply and others may be unlocked by participation in partner collections and in the Macroverse ecosystem. The attributes that get chosen the least during the minting window may prove to be the rarest. It’s all part of the fun.
Even the available quantity is determined by the collectors. Rather than an arbitrary supply, we will allow any number to be minted during our minting window.
If fewer are minted, than you’re part of a super-rare collection. If demand is ravenous, then the collection is accessible for a larger audience which feeds everything we’re building together.
When the minting window closes, attributes will be revealed, rarity will be determined, quantity will be locked and we’ll discover what this Horde of Zombies looks like together.

Source: NFT Evening