Fuji Final Public Raffle

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What is Fuji?
Fuji is a collection of 3,600 unique Warriors on the ETH blockchain that aims to become a status symbol collection that initiates an exclusive network of brilliant minds who aspire to become the leaders of tomorrow. The Fuji roadmap includes a Tier 1 membership to the Meraki-Verse, an industry standard NFT analytics tool, exclusive membership access to professional mentorship, accreditation programs, and much more.

At Fuji our vision is to empower a movement that will revolutionize digital innovation. Our goal is to build a sustainable Fuji branded ecosystem that will be a Web3 based brand that operates as a real world business with real world utility including partnerships with both Web2 and Web3 companies.

With our community’s collective of brilliant minds, we are committed to exploring beyond the unknown. Together we aspire to become the leaders of tomorrow who leave a positive mark within the Web3 space. We don’t want to just be another NFT project that over promises a bunch of unsustainable things and not deliver. Our goal here is to under promise and over deliver, but the things we deliver will be of the highest quality.

The Fuji Utility Standard:
• Provide upfront utility to the community such as an NFT Analytics tool that hat has been in the works for 3+ months.
• Establish a mainstream brand with a strong network presence that represents our ecosystem.
• Aid in the fight against deforestation and use our collective power to contribute towards reducing our Carbon Footprint.
• Strategic partnerships with real world companies that will provide more utilities and greater opportunities for our project as we progress forward.

Together, we can achieve bigger and better things beyond the current meta…

Dream it | Believe it | Achieve it

Source: NFT Evening