FREEMINT Project 6,666 Mr Peace

The NFT Unicorn 6671 FREEMINT Project 6,666 Mr Peace Upcoming NFT Drops

Peace Family is a FREEMINT NFT project live on Ethereum, with its first collection contains 6,666 of Mr Peace which aims to bring out the best in human being. We uphold the principle of peace and strongly believe that only a peaceful world can bring happiness to all of us.

We are building a transformational movement through art to gather all the peace lover from the globe. NFTs are only the vehicle, our true destination lies with YOU.

Believe that we can only achieve peace when we are one, when all of us are equal.

– PFP – Peaceful representative
– Raise awareness and community for Peace & Love around the world
– Seasonal Peace & Love Events
– Peace Family Club in Metaverse

– Semi-open status, currently only for early access role claim & announcements
– Will open for holder chat after minted
– Please do join for official announcement & more information

Source: NFT Evening