Doge Mfers Drop

The NFT Unicorn blue-bandana Doge Mfers Drop Upcoming NFT Drops
Doge Mfers Drop – NFT Evening

The NFT Unicorn NFTevening2 Doge Mfers Drop Upcoming NFT Drops

DogeMfers is a collection of 10k lovely Pets of Mfers
Read the official whitepaper for more details

What are Doge Mfers?
Dogemfers is a collection of 10,000 pets of Mfers, living on the Ethereum blockchain. Every doggo is unique and randomly generated.

Why Doge Mfers?
Just like all other derivatives projects, we got inspired by Sartoshi’s Mfers and decided to make one of our own, we instantly reached out to bonetoshi_nft a new rising artist in NFT space.

Source: NFT Evening