DeadTown Zombies Drop

DeadTown Zombies is a first of its kind, fully customizable collection of “Zeds” with more than 400 hand drawn attributes. The drop goes live on 2/2/22 at the website for a period of 72 hours, and at a price of 0.042Eth.

Being customizable means that every collector gets a character they like, and puts rarity over scarcity… only after the minting has closed is quantity and rarity determined, based exclusively on what people have created, not by the artist beforehand.

These zombies will form the backbone of a series of releases over the coming months, as well as be the genesis of a unique Web3 media studio, where community members get to participate in, and benefit from, the stories and worlds they create.

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The Macroverse co-founders have over 60 years of combined experience creating media and are responsible for 100M+ game downloads and 20M+ views of produced content.

Founded in 2019, Macroverse Media Inc. is a Web3 storytelling studio built for creators, by creators. Macroverse proudly supports over 100 creators by producing over 50 series and more than 500 episodes of content.

Source: NFT Evening